Ok, the Eurostar will have to wait as I have some better bogs to do first, not that peeing under the channel isnt a thrilling experience, it sort of is, but this toilet is prettier.



The charming Hobb’s Bakery in Nailsworth is a bleedin’ lovely place to go and have a sarnie or a cake and some tea. It’s beautifully and cosily decorated throughout although if the weather is nice you can sit outside on the river which is almost too lovely for one to deal with. You may feel like scrabbling in a wheelie bin, licking a mud splattered roadsign or something equally dirty simply to counterbalane such heartbreaking loveliness..

Anyway, you might also chill the feck out and just have a nice tea. Then visit the toilet to release some of said tea back into the free world and enjoy some of this:


Can you read the little sign above the tap? It says:

Be kind and gentle with the hot tap,

because it splashes and splashes

your feet and your lap.

Why write a dull informative sign when you can write an equally informative and totally cute poem? and I’m a big fan of their choice of hand wash, Ecover is all like biologically friendly and that and it smells well nice!

So well done Hobbs, your bog is well appreciated by moi! (as are your ploughmans lunches)