The Lavatorial Review
Hello, My name is Anna and I am a 22 year old Cotswold lass seeking my fortune in Dublin. I like really nice toilets and I am also amused by very rubbish or silly toilets (see Crawdaddy, Dublin) and disgusted at really really gross toilets.
I have decided to embark on THIS: ‘The Lavatorial Review’, in which I will review toilets from all over world, in all different establishments, and all different conditions. From the ones I could happily live in permanently, to the seat-less hellbowls to be avoided by even the fullest of bladders.
(This is just ladies toilets by the way because i’m a lady, and a proper one at that and i’m not tempted to brave the gents even as a journalistic sacrifice. Not for all the urinal cake in the World)

Thank you.

LOL, BTW, FYI -if you want to email me, czech is out: And i’ll get back to you as soon as I can be bothered.

8 Responses to “About”

  1. Lemon Holmes Says:

    Fill in the about section Missy!

  2. thelavatorialreview Says:

    there you go.

  3. aoifemc Says:

    Oooh this is very exciting! Welcome to the land of the bog. I mean blog. You have a bog blog.

  4. Uncle Says:

    Hello niece. Love the blog. Have similar feelings about Dysons. Bloody magic. Tried photographing the toilets in Waterloo Station but someone objected to the light stands and tripod. Case comes up Monday. Keep up the good work XX

  5. Lemon Holmes Says:

    More reviews! please

  6. dunnyboy Says:

    I rather chanced upon this site (was looking for directions to the Science Museum) and have been tittering at your obsessive lavatoral rumblings for the past 10 minutes. All of which begs the question: will you take guest reviews? There’s many a Dunny in Dunstable or Bog in Bognor Regis on which I would like to pass judgement (obvious ‘pass’ joke eschewed). Indeed, as a fairly well-travelled chap, I could revisit former foreign haunts as part of a ‘Plopping all over the world’ column? Moreover, given that I wee standing up, suspect I could give a whole new perspective on things.
    Anyway, keep up the good work.

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