I’ve neglected my blog in recent weeks, and i’m sorry about that. Unfortunately I am also now the bearer of bad news. Almost a year ago I was in Bruxelles, and some friends brought me to a cafe called Novo, just opposite the Jacques Brel museum. We ate a lovely lunch together and I made my customary visit to the toilet, unfortunately sans camera. The toilets were BRILLIANT! they were bright and arty and the highlight was that they had hung a chalkboard on the back of the cubicle doors. Not only providing hours of artistic toilet fun, but also a great distraction for toilet graffiti artists. The cublicles were beautifully clean with no trace of biro limericks or primary school declarations of love, e.g. Sarah luvs Dave 4 eva! ( I always wondered who eva was? and why she was involved in so many threesomes?) and the chalkboards were full of advice, advertisements, proverbs and drawings. What a great idea! When I began my blog I vowed to return to Novo and write a shining review of their ingenious toilet art feature.

But, malheurosement, it was not to be. Novo has become the victim of unartistic tourist-abusing greed. Before I even visited the place, I was informed by friends that the prices had increased and the food quality had decreased, and that it wasn’t worth going to anymore. I decided to proceed with my mission nonetheless, but ruled out my plan of having lunch there, so as to have a deposit ready for my toilet trip. I proceeded with empty bowels and ordered a drink on my way to les toilettes… Mais sacre bleu! no chalkboards! no fun! nothing to photograph but a blank door.

No need to add that I left post haste, without my 3euro glass of sparkling water and without any photos for you. I’m sorry.

Although, if anyone out there is currently decorating a bog in a public place, and would like to use Novo’s novel idea, please do! and then tell me and i’ll come and photograph it and write about it.

As compensation my next review will be about the Eurostar bogs.


(and sorry for my bad french, je suis desolee!)

Nice work lads, I hope none of you had had a liquid lunch that day…