It is a shame and a blessing that the IFI toilets are so easily accessible to the public. They have saved me on many a Saturday when I have overdone it on fajitas at the organic market next door, but they are sadly abused by less respectful citizens than myself, resulting in common clumsy graffiti and elusive toilet seats. Despite this, they are pretty well maintained and very pleasant toilets to be in.The decor is plainly tasteful and the cubicles are of the solid floor-to-ceiling type which are a boon for those of us who do not wish to share the sound of our poo-plop with others. I personally like to keep this little aural treat purely for my own enjoyment.

I have been told by male friends of mine, that although the urinals are free to anyone in the IFI, to use a cubicle in the Gent’s, you have to acquire a key from the bar staff. Therefore letting them know that you’re off to have a poo.. or a wank.. or..ooh! the possibilities are endless.

So, overall the ladies conveniences in the IFI are pretty decent. I especially like the marbley sinks and the two level ceiling that includes a really attractive window (photo below). Just look out for silly queues in the evenings and try and get a toilet bowl with a seat on it.

Thank you.